logo Hey, We're All Beginners Here!

Line, Color, Form, Nutrients, and Affection

a show presented by
The Network of Crowded Art
Roots AND Culture

August 7 through September 4, 2010

Opening Celebration Saturday, August 7
Reception and food starts around 6pm
Performance by Project Blue at 8:30pm

Check out some of Sarah Kavages Flickr images from the opening

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 13, 6pm 
Pop-up Book Academy with Red76

Pizza Party, conversation, and games for the little folks.
Bring a pizza ingredient and/or somthing you like to drink.

Utilizing The Book of Tea, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston curator Kakuzo Okakura’s early 20th century text on the history, philosophy, and aesthetics of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, this iteration of Pop-Up Book Academy aims at discussing the possible benefits of embodying our contradictions.
     What do we do when confronted with a situation wherein we find ourselves in solidarity with a particular person, issue, or living history, yet looking at it from across a foggy divide? What reactions might suit us positively at the intersection of indecipherability and solidarity? How might we collectively benefit from individually embracing our difference and contradictions (say, in a contemporary sense, being an anti-war car owner) rather than hiding them as faults within our character? In this light, might our contradictions, openly embraced as human, be seen as vehicles for understanding, solidarity, and deeper consideration of our collective flaws, and future collective virtues.
     Within this conversation Okakura’s Book of Tea acts as a means of engaging this issue through Wabi-Sabi, the core aesthetics of the Japanese Tea Ceremony; a highly stylized and considered act which, in turn, celebrates the motions of our everyday actions, desires, and importantly, flaws and fissures.
    Copies of the Book of Tea will be printed and bound at this PBA and available for sale. Pizza will be made in Roots and Cultures fantastic restaurant stove. We’ll make the dough, bring your own toppings and beverages.
    Issues 9 and 10 of the Journal of Radical Shimming (and maybe some more from the back catalog) will be on hand. For free of course.

Saturday, August 14  -  3pm
Meet at Roots and Culture to to particiapte in Kansas City-based artist, Sean Starowitz's the SPEAK! Project.  We'll take Sean's custom soap box out into the neighborhood to do some public speachifyin'!  Bring a piece of your mind and give it!

Saturday, August  21 - early
We're going to ride our bicycles out to Shaumberg to visit American Indian Center's Trickster Gallery and see Linda Windell's show "We're Still Here"   Call mike if you'd like to join this ride. 773-368-5875

Friday, August 27 - time tba
Lots of sound with Skything and Justin Clifford Rhody

Friday, September 3 - 8pm
Screening of Sarah Ross's "Experiements of Struggle" and conversation with Laurie Jo Reynolds about prison reform and abolotion, intergenerational organzing, and your first radical thought. 

Saturday, September 4 - noon
Closing brunch -  Remarks by the organizer, Mike Wolf, and hopefully others. 

Other Events with no date yet:

Storytelling!  Pennie Brinson is organizing an evening of story telling. 

Actually, everyone is a dragon, but current conditionsdisallow and discourage us to express those sinuous tratis.  What conditions are needed to accommodate dragons? How many heads does a dragon have?

We Are All Beginners Here! is a multi-headed hydra, a trans-temporal, trans-spatial, trans-disciplinary exhibition (a big show!) of mutating, mutable work by a cast of talented marginal characters.

Pennie Brinson and Project Blue
Pennie is a poet, musician and performer who has worked as the Artist in Residence at Access Living, and is a long-time contributer to the Journal of Ordinary Thought.
Journal of Ordinary Thought
Access Living

Robin Hustle
A poet, graphic artist, essayist and wayward intellectual, Robin has also done time as the editor of the late Skeleton News.
Skeleton News on Wikipedia

Salem Collo-Julin
Salem does more than I can surmise, for us she is cooking up some cockamamie scheme to broaden our perception of the cultural landscape in Chicago during the run of this show.

Sarah Smizz
Sarah is the token trans-Atlantic contributor this exhibition, what she will do is up in the air at the moment...

Park McArthur
What we know about Park is that she will be writing about mobility... But who knows where that will lead.
Presence is Progress

Alimentary Tropism
Courtney Moran will use locally grown and available surplus foods to make various delicious meals and snacks through out the course of the show. 

Sarah Ross
Sarah, based in Urbana, Illinois is making a video about intergeneartional work.  She's interviewing people of different ages who have been oeganizing a books to prisoners program. They will share the lessons and experiences they've aquired over the decades. 

Sarah Kavage
This Sarah is presenting one of many manifestations of her sprawling, 60,000 pound initiative, Industrial Harvest. If all goes well we'll be eating it.

Red76, a collaborative body (largely directed by Sam Gould), is making another manifestation of Pop-up Book Academy. If all goes as planned we'll be binding and peddling all kinds of books right there at Roots AND Culture while we learn a thing or two about our history and a our political present. A pizza party?
Pop-up Book Academy

Mike Wolf
Of course Mike is taking responsibility for the whole thing. Got issues, problems, questions, good-faith criticisms? Talk to him, he's the head decorator and organizer.  call 773-368-5875 or send an email.


Project Blue August 7, 8:30pm

Multi-headed Hydra--Water Serpent