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: blind spot RIP : June 6, 2004 - May 28, 2006: WLUW 88.7 FM Chicago :

After two seasons and eighty-eight live experimental radio programs, blind spot has decided to end. Thank you all for your support. Feel free to download an episode and listen again for the first time.

: Season 2 : shows :

05.28 : famous friends mp3 Blind Spot asked famous friends and artists we like to do "remixes" of the Blind Spot program of their choice. Remixes by Erik Belgum, Frans De Ward, John Kannenberg and others to be announced. Produced by Philip von Zweck

05.21 : hey mister is that seat taken mp3
A radio play written as an exquisit corpse. Written by Alex Cook, Brian Taylor, Ben Tischer, Rosemary Jenkins, Erik Belgum, Philip von Zweck Jacob Christopher, Eric S. Humphrey, John Wanzel and others. With a cast of thousands. Produced by Philip von Zweck

05.14 : free time mp3
A meditation on building and birds, Brian Taylor builds a bird house just like the one he build in seventh grade shop class, live to air. Engineered by Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel. Performed and produced by Brian Taylor.

05.07 : a space for friends mp3
A conversation about friendship, mutual respect and hatred between two old friends, played out through comments and messages on myspace. On may 7th, tune in for an audio transcription of a publicly documented decline of two people's friendship on the space for friends. Featuring the talents of Brian Taylor, Jacob Christopher and John Wanzel. Produced by Jacob Christopher.

04.30 : City Battery mp3
Have you noticed that Chicago might not be hearing as well as it used to. Well, so have we and we're prepared to finally get to the bottom of it. Join us as Blind Spot, in conjunction with the world famous Erik Belgum, as we conduct a citywide hearing test. Call to participate. Written & Conceived by Erik Belgum, produced by Eric S. Humphrey and Philip von Zweck

04.23 : Studio 35 mp3
Today the extent and degree of Modern Art in America is unprecedented. From East to West numerous galleries and museums, colleges and art schools, private and regional demonstrations display their mounting interest in original plastic efforts. One can say that by 1950, Modern Art in the United States has reached a point of sustained achievement worthy of a detached and democratic treatment. On April 21-23, 1950 a series of roundtable discussion occurred in New York about the Modern Art, fifty-six years later, Blind Spot retells the story. Produced by Julia Klein and John Wanzel.

04.16 : Radio Easter Egg Hunt mp3
Members of Blind Spot search for sound throughout the city in an audio scavenger hunt. Produced by John Wanzel

04.09 : Your Radio Fantasy mp3
If you're like us, there's something you've always wanted to do on the radio. And if you're also like us, you think to yourself that if you only had a radio show you could finally do on the air. Well, this is where you're like us, we have a radio show. So join us as we fulfill our fantasies, our Radio Fantasies. It's what we sit around and daydream about. Produced by Eric S. Humphrey

04.02 : The Great Wanzel mp3
A round table discussion about the life and times of John Wanzel. So, what happened was Eric S. Humphrey, Peter Rosenbloom, Jacob Christopher and Philip von Zweck created a narrative around a historic figure named John Wanzel, the same name as one of the shows executive producers.

03.26 : This Day in History mp3
An anecdoted timeline of relatively unimportant and /or forgotten events that happened to have happened on March 26 over the years.

03.19 : The Talk mp3
You're getting older, you're growing up, and there's a few things you probably need to know about the changes you are going through. Maybe you're confused, maybe you're afraid. On March 19th, your dad will awkwardly attempt to have the most embarrassing of conversations with you. Now is your chance to finally get answers to such questions as: "Where do babies come from?" "What is a vagina?" and, "How many times can I masturbate before I go blind?" Join us in celebrating the beginning of spring by listening to a little conversation about the birds and the bees.

03.12 : VGA: Producer's Commentary mp3
Join us as one of our producers looks back at the first Blind Spot he produced. We'll run a show from our first season with the producer providing running commentary. We'll see what was good, what was bad, and what, frankly, just doesn't hold up. Procued by Eric S. Humphrey

03.05 : To Be Anncounced; everyday-life chaos made easy for one year mp3
Sunday morning at noon, members of blind spot are going to eat brunch and read the sunday paper. Then they are going to hurry up and write a show, that's right, they are going to write a show that translates current events into an experimental narrative. Produced by John Wanzel

02.26 : love/hate mailf mp3
On February 26 Blind Spot teams up with the U.S. postal service for a program inspired by our beloved fans. Are you tired of Blind Spot and all it's yip yap? Do you love Blind Spot like it was your first girlfriend? It is your chance to voice your opinion about the show and we will respond to your suggestions/criticisms live to air. Send your Love/Hate mail to: P.O. box 667 Chicago, IL by February 26. or email blindspot (at) stopgostop (dot) com

02.19 : Hail to the Chief mp3
As president, John Quincy Adams liked to go skinny dipping in the Potomac. On one occasion someone stole his clothes and he had to ask a passing boy to run back to the White House to get him some more. Blind Spot honors our nation's Presidents, both the factual and the fictional ones. Featuring the talents of Brian Taylor, Eric S. Humphrey, John Wanzel and Philip von Zweck. Produced by Eric S. Humphrey and John Wanzel

02.12 : Valentine's Day Massacre: Dear Diary... mp3
Join Blind Spot as we share with you our innermost thoughts regarding all that is Love (including but not limited to, falling in and out of it) as recorded in our very own diaries (and those of others from which we are stealing). A Valentine's Day celebration unlike any other, listeners will ponder and possibly understand why Cupid uses arrows. Featuring the talents of John Wanzel, Jacob Christopher, Eric S. Humphrey, Jenny Walters, Wendy Jo, and Sonia Yoon. Engineered by Philip von Zweck and produced by Jenny Walters

02.05 : counter programing mp3
Is all The Super Bowl hype starting to get to you? Are you boycotting the game because your favorite team didn't make it? Do you just hate football? Well, Blind Spot understands. Join us for Counter Programming, An hour of Taste, Culture, & Refinement. We're not ready for some football and we think you're not either.
Eric S. Humphrey: Producer.

01.29 : Shotgun Newsmp3
Join the Shotgun News Team as they target and translate the McLaughlin Group, toxic Dark Matter, botox room deoderizers, shoddy word play, unreal reality shows, terror cells in Lincoln Park, drive-by limpo-suction, phone-in FBI 10 most wanted requests, and rising stuffed animal prices. And finally our deepest and darkest fears !! ... And that's just in the first half-hour. Brought to you by Lt. Eric Humphrey, Sr. Steven Berry and Chef Peter Rosenbloom with live music by the Guantonomo Hot Six"

01.22 : 50 States in 50 Minutes mp3
Join Blind Spot as we traverse this great nation state by state, one minute at a time. Highlights include speaking to someone who actually lives in Delaware, the recounting of a traumatic Washington state memory and music about the Heartland. Don't miss the 30 second tribute to Puerto Rico and Washington DC! This land is YOUR land! Featuring the talents of John Wanzel, Philip von Zweck, Brian Taylor, Sonia Yoon, Jenny Walters, Wendy Jo, Ben Tischer, Eric S. Humphrey, Peter Rosenbloom, Paul Dickinson, and Jacob Christopher. Produced by Jenny Walters.

01.15 : twilight of the idols mp3
an experimental narative that revolves around the CIA, Miami Vice, Nietzche and Kelly Clarkson. Featuring the talents of Anna Clark, Eric S. Humphrey, Peter Rosenbloom, Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel.

01.08 : uno mp3
Broadcast of a game of Uno, accompanied by text and music, where both are determined by the play of each card. Each of 4 texts is assigned a color and will be read only as long as that color is in play, and each sound is assigned a number, and will be in play only when that number is played.

01.01 : new years
Blind Spot perdicts the future and reimagines the year 2005.

12.25 : radio yule log mp3
live from just outside kansas city, mo chuck and jenny walters built a fire to keep us warm this holiday season. produced and engineered by paul dickinson and john wanzel

12.18 : What Do You Want for X-Mas mp3
Tired of not getting what you want to during the holiday season. Do you feel no one's listening to what you really want. Well, Blind Spot understands and we're here to help. This is your change to tell Santa, Your Parents, Your Wife or Husband, Boyfriend or Girlfriend, Annual-Gift-Man (Who Lives on the Moon), whoever what you really want this year. Just call us at 773-508-WLUW. We're listening.
Philip von Zweck - Engineer, John Wanzel - Operator, Eric S. Humphrey - Producer

12.11 : micro-landscapes mp3
seven descriptions of seven landscapes, some truth, some fiction, some inbetween.

12.04 : live from rodgers park.
Microphones placed outside around the station broadcast for an hour.

11.27 : how to be happy.
a thanksgiving special that hopefully will make your life better. Written by members of Blind Spot. Featuring the talents of Jenny Walters, Peter Rosenbloom, John Wanzel and Philip von Zweck.
Produced by Philip von Zweck.

11.20 : vs. mp3
thirty matches in sixty minutes! palm trees! pillowfights! mineral water! caribou! ninjas! handsaws! canada! claritin d! whales! and of course, jesus christ, himself! sunday november 20th 2005, 10 pm, on wluw 88.7 fm chicago!
produced by brian taylor

11.13 : What's That From?
For centuries humanity has long struggled to construct a script for radio completely out of movie quotes and now it's Blind Spot turn. Join us for movie quotes, the ones you know and hundreds you don't. We'll tell you what Humphrey Bogart really said when he said "Play it Again, Sam" and what "Rosebud" stands for (It's a Sled). So "Gort, Klaatu Barada Nikto" or something. Produced & Conceived by Eric S. Humphrey

11.06 : keeping time
Blindspot presents a program exploring a subjective experience of time. Performers isolated in the studio will attempt to perform the seemingly simple task of keeping time. From 10 to 11pm, 4 individuals will simultaneously count out the hour second by second, with no clocks and no reference to each other. Part meditation on time, part endurance challenge. Tune in to Blindspot on Sunday nights at 10pm on 88.7 WLUW.

10.30 : war with orson
Blind Spot remixes the war of the worlds, using the original radio play as the sonic material

10.23 : 2 Drink Minimum
It's an arty radio play mixed with… a play-along-at-home drinkin' game! Blind Spotters will show up at WLUW and construct the text for a radio play moments before broadcast by applying cut up techniques to materials found around the station. Listeners at home (not in cars, thanks you!) can print out their own rules and follow along with a bottle of something strong and a shot glass. Burroughs might have been proud. Produced by Philip von Zweck

10.16 : working mp3
The sounds of work: live to air. Produced by John Wanzel

10.09 : Drug Survival Stories mp3
Join Brother Peter, DJ St Francis of Assis and Jake Quickle in a livley and profoundly moving open discussion and personal counseling session on the number 1 killer of network time: DRUGS!! After each story, Brother Peter will have words of consolation and encouragement selected from the Holy Bible while DJ St Francis of Assis tempts us towards evil and pleasure with his pre-conversion music selections. Produced by Peter Rosenbloom

10.02 : Sarah Mallin Teaches Blind Spot Yoga mp3
Yoga instructor Sarah Mallin teaches members of blind spot, as well as those at home, Yoga. Check your charkas, meditate on mantras, all over the radio airwaves. Featuring the talents of Sarah Malin, Anna Clark, Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel.
Produced by John Wanzel

9.25 : A Cappella mp3
A Cappella will be an hour on radio featuring a small chorus performing together live in the studio. The program for the night will see the group translating sources, from bowie to charles mingus to the raincoats, by singing, humming, beat-boxing, whistling, snapping, clicking, clapping, yelling, and anything else you can do with your body. Now a fully re-presented pop song, now an unrecognizable medley of tuneless whistles, you'll hear continuous waves of alliance and antagonism, of total tightness and not understanding each other at allâ€| but whatever there is, it's (almost) all vocal, all the time. Produced by Jacob Christopher and Brian Taylor.

9.18 : Super Hero Bible Stories mp3
A newly discovered version of the bible uncovered in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and translated and presented by visiting DeVry Institute Prosfessor Otto Quackenbush reveals the stories of the bible in an simplified and understandable format featuring comic book and TV/movie action adventures heroes in place of the tired and incomprehensible stiffs of the original. Meet Dirty Harry, Batman, Rambo, the Terminator and many others as they blast, torture and slaughter their way through the 'Greatest Book Ever Known'. Narrated, produced and presented by Peter Rosenbloom and Steven Berry

9.11 : September 11; A Musicalmp3
An historical experimental musical drama that portrays a twelve hour period from September 11, 2001. Featuring the talents of Jenny Walters, Eric Humphrey, Julia Klein, Sonia Yoon, Jacob Christopher, Michelle Dahlenburg and Philip von Zweck. Written, composed and produced by John Wanzel.

9.04 : Trouble on Planet Earth mp3
The season premieres with a radio play based on the Choose-Your- Own- Adventure story of the same name by R.A. Montgomery.  All choices will be made randomly.  Will our actors choose Adventure or will the choose something else all together? Featruing the voices of Brian Taylor, Eric S. Humphrey and Jake Quickel, conceived & engineered by Philip von Zweck, adapted & produced and directed by Eric S. Humphrey.


: Between Season :
Aug 14 : Pledge Drive Special :
Executive Producers Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel play highlights from season one, talk about the show, the station and ask for pledges. Featuring clips from Blind Spot Feeds the Sons of God, Cardiac Lincoln, Digging, The Fantastic Race to WLUW among others.

A joint Blind Spot, Something Else four hour radio extraviganza in celebration of the Fourth of July. Featuring the talents of Jacob Christopher, Eric S. Humphrey, Philip von Zweck and John Wanzel.

: Season One :
June 6, 2004 - May 29, 2005 :

: wluw 88.7 fm chicago :

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